About Us

Audio King and Tinting

by Israel & Pastor owners

Audio King and Tinting is headquartered in Yakima, WA. Established in 1999, we are THE one-stop-shop for the automotive aftermarket. From head units to complete custom installations we provide the best customer service and quality of work around. Audio King and Tinting is known for our wild custom installations and our ground breaking ideas. The core of our business is YOU, the consumer; no mater how big or small the job, we’re here for you!

Offering a wide variety of choices from car audio and installation to ground effects, wheels and performance parts, Audio King and Tinting is car audio and performance at its best!

What we do?

Audio King and Tinting job is to find out what the customers objectives are. How important is music to you? Do you want control at your fingertips? How about Video? What about the installation? We can also accessorize your vehicle. What type of appearance are you looking for? Interior, Exterior, Wheels, Tires etc? You Dream It We Build It! All these are questions and more that are addressed at Audio King and Tinting.

Your Car Audio and Accessory

Audio King and Tinting began as a dream. Through hard work and dedication my dream has quickly become reality. Since 1999, I have spent countless hours working to reach the top of my profession. Car audio was the vehicle that would carry my dream to new heights. Audio King and Tinting originated in a 600sq. ft. building behind my house with a team of two employees. The business immediately began to grow at an accelerated rate. During this time of growth, the Audio King and Tinting team never forgot that something worth doing is worth doing right, and we still believe that to be true. This dedication has meant continued customer satisfaction.

Over a five-year period Audio King and Tinting expanded into a 2,000 sq. ft. building and grew to a team of five employees. During our existence, Audio King and Tinting has received numerous awards for its installations and gone on to set many world records. Due to this, and its outstanding service to the community, Audio King and Tinting has become nationally recognized as one of the top car audio shops in the country. Carrying brand name lines and offering the best work possible, Audio King and Tinting delivers quality, performance, and reliability.